Final Revisions 12/09/2008

Hey, it has been a while since we last updated the blog because of all the things we decided to revise. Basically everything from the board to the box are all done. Tomorrow is the final game day and we are all very anxious about the feed backs. Our rules went through a major face lift after the game testing we had previously conducted and hopefully it will be a big hit!

Prototype Board 11/12/2008

The first version of the board is completed, a revision will be ready for next week's playtesting. The first revision of the banner is up on the site right now, but a refined version will be up soon. Today our goal is to further define our rules and setup for next week's playtesting.

Our Progress 11/05/2008

Over the weekend our group were able to come up with a general design of our board. Our group member Francis brought in a game called "Hero Quest" to give us  battle setup ideas. Daniel Ng is continuing to work on our graphics design and working towards a prototype of the banner.

First Post Ever 10/29/2008

Today we decided to finally set up our new site and decide on the layout of our board. Daniel Ng is currently designing the banner for our site and Francis is currently looking for ideas for our board.